Special high duty security container seal systems “SUPER JUMBO 5®” (5 tons resistance)

For container and rail wagon doors sealing

Classification: Group 1 - High security seals

“SUPER JUMBO 5®”, High security metal bolt lock, resistance 5 tons, tested by Dayton T. Brown (accredited to ISO/IEC 17025:2014).

Regulation and conform to the norm ISO 17712: Version 2013.

“H” symbol for “HIGH SECURITY” bolt lock (on the top of the bolt head and on the nut)

Laser marking identification

This is type of sealing must be marked « H ». There is a lot of falsification claims. The test certificate by Dayton T. Brown is the only accredited organism worldwide avoiding problems with your insurance company!

Anti-spin conception
Anti-spin conception





“BARLOCK”, telescopic blocking bar placed diagonally in front of the 2 container doors

BARLOCK, telescopic blocking bar in front of the 2 container doors

Removable telescopic container blocking bar placed diagonally between the top and bottom container corners (ISO 8’6’’ and 9’6’’).