Container lifting by lifting beam spreader

Our lifting beams type "TP" are polyvalents and alow the lifting of ISO containers 10' 20' 40' with only one lifting beam.

The delivery time for this equipment is very short.

Should you need information, don't hesitate to contact us.


A new solution for the container lifting by multifunction spreader

Only one multifunction spreader type DUO 10’ and 20’ or DUO 30’ and 40’ for ISO containers.

This type of speader is used in the industry and in the nuclear handling.


Protect your goods during winter and summer !

Preventing summer heat with thermal insulation type “ISOL-CONTENEUR®” and “ISOL-CARGO®” is THE economical and efficient solution.

NEW: Humidity absorber bag "CARGO-DRY®" TWIN

We are glad to present you our new humidity absorber bag: "CARGO-DRY®" TWIN 2x300gr 400% with hook, with a water absorption of 2,4 Liters.



Multi-function spreader

The spreader/lifting beam solves several needs in the Company. It serves as a spreader for the lifting of ISO 8', 10' and 20' containers.


EXPORT: In order to increase our export presence, our SPREADERS can be dismantled to be delivered in 20' / 40' containers.

Our team is expanding !

We are pleased to announce you that the CEA team is expanding to better accompany you.

The CEA team is at your disposal for any inquiry.