Airbags securing cargoes in trucks, wagons and containers

Airbags placed under the roof and fill the gap between 2 doubles stacked pallets
Airbags placed under the roof and fill the gap
between 2 doubles stacked pallets

Sold in France only by CEA except special agreements.

The solution of “lost” or “reusable” wedging: quick, easy and economical, known under different names: airbags, wedging cushions, wedging mattress, wedging bags, wedging balloons, wedging flanges etc. They are used to fill the gaps between the goods (corridor) and between the goods and side walls or doors of a truck or a container.

They are an efficient means against « shocks » during transport (in container, truck and rails) for all types
of goods (pallets, material, paper coils etc.).

Airbags securing a “heterogeneous” shipment
Airbags securing a “heterogeneous” shipment

coussin d'air en camion
Airbag between 2 heavy pallets (corridor)

Securing of a container shipment
Securing of a container shipment


These airbags are inflated by a mobile electrical air compressor or an air exit in the factory within a time between 15 seconds and 1 minute depending on the size of the airbags.


The BATES CARGO-PAK® airbags have the following specifications :

PE airbag  (co-extruded), one or more  laminated outer layers in anti-slip Kraft paper with long fibers which provide high resistance against shocks (elasticity) and  perforation (multilayers) and also against humidity  (paper quality).

The airbags, the paper outer layers and inflation valve are 100% recyclable (respect of the environment recommendations).


Protection wedging by inflated airbags « lost » or « reusable » against shocks during the transport in container, vessel hold, truck and rail wagon.

Temperature limits – 25°C to +65° C.

Absorbing pressure 2 tons to 30 tons depending on the chosen airbag.