Cargoes protection in containers and into ship, trucks and rail wagon

First part - Cargoes protection in containers and into ship, trucks and rail wagon

Humidity absorber bags (one way use)

“Cargo Dry®” and “Container Dry®” humidity absorber bags with or without hook placed on the top of the cargoes or hooked in the rings under the container roof.

Intermediary plates

Protection of the first floor loads.

Protection of an airbag placed against cutting or abrasive loads and so on.

Thermal insulation (one way use)

Thermal protection against season temperature variations during an oversea transport in containers.

Cargo fall protection net “CARGO NET®” when the doors of the container are opened for unloading

Nets ready for use in ISO containers, placed by the shipper before closing the doors, preventing an accident when opening the container doors at the arrival.

One way lashing webbing for heavy loads in containers “ Containercargolashing®”

100% polyester webbing in canvas sack, self-locking steel buckles and removable tightener

(tension approx. 1000 kg.) for securing cargoes in or on the container (flat)

Economical solution: cut the length which you need and not more.

Floor carpets inside containers, trucks and rail wagons (one way)

Seals for container load security

Anti-theft protection for containers, trucks and rail wagons

Slip sheets (no ISPM 15 treatment required)

Slip sheets in “kraft lineboard or in plastic”, replace wooden and plastic pallets “PE”

Airbags “Cargo-Pak®”

Wedging airbags “BATES Cargo-Pak®” against shocks during the transport